I am an artist and art educator who most often expresses myself through painting. My work focuses on feminist themes, uses imagery associated with home and domesticity and incorporates aspects of my everyday life with my children. My current body of work began when I realized that the persistent piles of clean laundry in my house (I could get to the washing, but not to the folding) were like incidental sculptures or landscapes that could also represent the often overwhelming nature of my life situation on a metaphorical level. This project also works well with my logistical constraints in that I can create ambitious, large-scale paintings piecemeal, sneaking away to my basement studio in the moments that I can eek out. Since I conceive and determine the final image ahead of time, I am not frustrated by unexpected interruptions and I don’t have to rely on long swaths of time to maintain my train of thought. I strive to make work that engages others with life situations like my own and stimulates discussion about the complexities of modern motherhood and cultural ideals of beauty and value.

Please contact Bethany Hays at bethanyannhays@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing work or being added to a mailing list in order to be updated about upcoming exhibitions.